The Lucid View

21st October 2019

The importance of asking “why?”

The importance of asking “why?” when working in customer services Asking why. Straight away you’re thinking of toddlers asking “why?” to everything you explain or ask […]
16th October 2019

Free and easy

A free and easy way to add an extra layer of protection to your Internet activity It’s all about the 9’s. In this case, I mean […]
14th October 2019

Keep It Simple Stupid

“Using VOIP shouldn’t be this complicated, should it?” VOIP Phones, or ‘Internet phones’ as many people will refer to them, are awesome. Here at Lucid Towers, […]
14th August 2019

Why you should sleep like a toddler

Following on from my previous article around focus and productivity, this one sprang to mind as I was thinking about to what write about next. One […]
2nd August 2019

What to do when you’ve lost your focus

Let’s be honest. Some days you just don’t fancy it do you? You just can’t focus or do that task that has been assigned to you. […]
29th July 2019

What is Chrome Remote Desktop and why should you use it?

As I start to churn out this article, it dawned upon me that a fair few of the articles I’ve produced of late have been around […]
23rd July 2019

Why I’ve started using Chromium OS to run my business

Quite simply, because it’s much, much quicker than Windows. I can get more shit done, in less time, without the wait for updates, the ‘sluggishness’ when […]
2nd July 2019

Can you run your business using a Chromebook?

For some businesses, you probably can. That saves you reading the whole article, doesn’t it! Should you wish to read a little more though, I’ll explain […]
13th June 2018
Ferraris and champers

It’s what you don’t see, that’s important

Owning a business. It’s not all Ferrari’s and swilling Champagne (I prefer Brewdog anyway). What you don’t see are them late nights, them tough decisions and […]
20th November 2019

Bye bye Windows 7

Windows 7 reaches the end of its journey in January 2020 So long, my trusty old friend, it’s time for you to depart. You’ve had a […]
18th November 2019

A review of the TP-Link M5 Mobile 3G Hotspot

A review of the TP-Link M5 Mobile 3G Hotspot There’s a small handful of tech which are essential to me, in order for me to run […]
12th November 2019

How to help stop spoof/fake emails using DMARC

How to help stop spoof/fake emails using DMARC “Please urgently transfer £20,000 across to this bank account” reads the email to Brenda in the accounts department, […]
6th November 2019

Leased Line or Fibre Broadband?

The differences between a Leased Line and Fibre Broadband made simple When it comes to choosing an Internet connection for your business, there is a fair […]