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Lucid Simplify IT Support Package

Priority Proactive IT Support, without a long term contract...

In talking to staff, one of the biggest barriers to their work is ineffective IT. Computers that slow them up, niggly little issues that cause frustration and downtime that reduces the value that they can deliver for the business. Effective IT can transform a business, driving efficiency and increasing staff productivity.

Your staff wage bill is often one of the most expensive lines on your P&L, but also one of the most important. It’s your staff who deliver the value to your customers, provide the excellent service, fulfill orders, process requests and drive the growth of your business.

That’s why we’ve redesigned our IT support around your business and your staff.

Lucid Simplify provides you and your team unlimited IT support to ensure every device your team runs enables your staff to do the job you’ve hired them to do. No fuss. No drama. We’ve created a solution that proactively monitors and predicts problems before they happen, where we’re actively working to ensure that your IT maximises your team productivity and minimises disruption.

Included in Lucid Simplify:

  • Unlimited technical support for your device and core Microsoft products
  • Inclusive onsite visits where required
  • 4 hour support response time
  • Proactive device monitoring and management
  • Online secure document back-up (GDPR compliant) excludes photos
  • Anti-virus installation, upgrades and management
  • Web protection

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