Business IT Support

Instant IT Support, with no fuss and no geek speak

You need to be up and running, in no time...

We know what it's like, you just want your IT systems to work. We're here to ease your frustrations.

Our highly trained and customer service driven support team are just a phone call away (01527 908646).

We'll iron out them gremlins, get you back up and running when turning it off and turning it on again hasn't worked, all with minimal fuss.

We can offer you IT support in two different flavours...(salt n vinegar & ready salted)...

Priority Proactive Support, without a long term contract...

You'll have a set monthly fee for your IT support, with you receiving priority support. If you have your own servers we'll monitor these for you around the clock, and we'll be automatically alerted about any potential problems.

This style of support is for you if:

  • You're after priority support
  • You'd like to control your IT Support costs
  • You'd like us to monitor your systems

We calculate your monthly fee based on your average support time with us, along with a small discount in return for the ongoing business (always nice to get something back isn't it...).

No long term contracts to be seen here!

Our Priority IT Support is rolling monthly, with no scary long term contracts to be seen. It's all about service, service, service! We know we have to deliver to retain your business, as you're not tied in. Win win. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Instant pay as you go IT Support

We offer a simple pay-as-you-go adhoc service, where you pay for our time as and when you need us. Just give us a tinkle and we can get started.

This style of support is for you if:

  • You just want to pay for support when you need it
  • You're a start-up business
  • You want to test us out!

We charge for pay as you go support in blocks of fifteen minutes, for remote, telephone and onsite support. If you're close to us, we probably won't charge you a call out fee either. Sometimes we also provide Haribo sweeties (other brands are avaliable).

Ready for IT Support? Call us on 01527 908646 or fill in the form: