IT Consultancy & Strategy

We can review, recommend and move you forward

Unsure on the IT strategy for your business?

Whether you're a new startup or an established business, you should have a clear plan for your IT systems. You should make use of the latest technology, and get it working for you so that you can concentrate on the job in hand. We can review your current setup, put forward recommendations and help you get new systems in place to make you more productive. That means more time for you, to be spent doing what you love (that might be work or play!).

No jargon; just clear, independent advice

The simple approach is normally the best. Here at Lucid, that's our ethos all over. We'll look at what you have, where you want to go and break that down in a few simple steps towards the bigger picture. There's no crash, bang, wallop approach here - just a nice controlled process, to get you from A to B. Lovely.

We can work with your existing IT team

You might be a business that has its own IT team. We're happy to work alongside them, to give your management team some impartial advice on how your IT is working, and what possible improvements might be made to the IT systems. We can train your staff on the use of the latest products, or just provide some assistance from time to time. Likewise, if you have a key member of your IT team on holiday or simply away from the business for a while, feel free to lean on us to help soak up that workload.

We're a local business, supporting local businesses

Lucid Computer Solutions provide IT consultancy services and devise IT strategies for businesses in the Worcesteshire, Warwickshire and Birmingham areas. Just give us a call at our Redditch office on 01527 908646 to get the ball rolling, and see what we can do to help you.

Feel free to email us your IT requirements if you prefer: