2018 is the year of the KPI (Key Performance Indicator for those of you think it’s similar to a GTI).

Whilst we’ve always had some KPI goals/targets for our IT helpdesk, getting the data we need to benchmark, compare and contrast has always been a little labour intensive. Basically, in the past, it’s been a ‘nice to have’ rather than a key part of our daily, weekly and monthly reviews.

Having got my head around (with some help from @MattStocker) the GoodData and Insights reporting for our Zendesk, it was time to start tracking, reporting and reviewing.

As I write this at the end of the working week (week 2, January 2018), we’re just about there with all the reports we need to review individual performance, company performance and importantly how long we spend with each of customers, on any given task. This is detailed down to the second – which is great.

This new level of reporting can give me weak spots in the business in a single click, highlights areas for coaching of the team and allows us to review how we approach certain IT Support tasks, so we can make them as lean as possible.

For example, already I know we need to review one particular regularly occurring issue, which is both time-consuming and essential non-profitable to the business. Another area already up for review is the way we provide certain information to our customers. With a review of this process, I’m certain we can reduce some of our ticket volume, or replace it with more of the good stuff so to speak.

One particular KPI (which we’ve always reviewed) is around our new tickets (a ticket is basically a task) V’s solved tickets. No matter how many new tickets you get in a day, you always get a very close match to it from your solved tickets. For example, if you have 30 new tickets in day, I can almost guarantee there will be around 30 solved tickets. If there are 10 new tickets in a day, there will be around 10 solved tickets. Strange behaviour this one, which I’m yet to get my head around.

I’d be very interested to hear about people’s thoughts on this behaviour, and of course, suggestions to change this. Get me on blog@lucidcomputersolutions.co.uk

So forward we go, I’ll no doubt update you all on this, perhaps monthly to let you know how it’s working for us.

This article was written by Gavin Moorhouse, the Chief Help Desk Builder for Lucid Computer Solutions. His KPI at the weekend is around five beers.

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