As an avid reader of @PCPro magazine, I was intrigued to read @Tim Danton’s keyboard shootout (Issue 281, p72), as it just so happened I was starting to consider a replacement keyboard for myself, given the amount of time I spend tapping away.

I need my keyboard (and mouse) to be wireless. I don’t like wires at the best of times (when can we have wireless monitors?). I’d been tempted by a mechanical keyboard in the past, but most of them tend to be wired and the general consensus was that their a little vocal.

Looking at the keyboards on offer as part of Tim’s review, my current set (and set of choice that I recommend to customers) was part of the shootout – the Logitech MK270. Personally I like to have a known brand such as Logitech, and the price point for me was unrivalled. Tim had rated this at three out of five stars. I felt let down – I love this little bargain set! However I know to always have an open mind and try new things (which are legal).

Having looked over the other tapping devices as part of the review, I thought I’d give the Jelly Comb MK09 a whirl. At not much more than the Logitech set, I didn’t have much to lose, and having purchased it via Amazon, I knew a return wouldn’t be a problem if I’d made a bad call.

The Jelly set arrived the next day (I’m Prime don’t you know!), and I was quite excited to get started. Having stolen the batteries out of my Logitech set, I was up and running. Straight away I preferred the feel of the keystrokes. It’s a soft, yet reassuring key press, which is delivered with minimal noise in return. One of the criticisms of the Logitech set is the noise, something I’d not really noticed…until now! Now I know the difference, the Logitech set seems like it’s angrily shouting back at me with every key press. The Jelly keyboard is by no means silent, but it’s certainly quiet. I like the keyboard. I like it a lot.

The mouse took a little getting used to, it seemed quite light and sensitive to me at first, but now I’m used to it, it feels much more elegant than my Logitech squeaker. I also like the touch of blue/green design to the Jelly set as well, it won’t be to everyone’s taste though.

So overall, I like my new Jelly Comb set and won’t be reverting back to my trusted Logitech anytime soon. It’s well worth the extra few quid for the Jelly set in my opinion, with the Jelly set feeling a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Thanks for the reviews Tim, couldn’t agree more!

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This article was written by Gavin Moorhouse who is the owner of Lucid Computer Solutions, an IT Services business based in Worcestershire. He wrote this article on his Acer keyboard at home, which isn’t the ice cream to his Jelly.

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