A free and easy way to add an extra layer of protection to your Internet activity

It’s all about the 9’s. In this case, I mean What on earth am I talking about? Have I lost the plot (probably)? I’m referring to something called DNS.

When you’re online and surfing the Internet, making purchases and researching the next family holiday, behind the scenes your device is using something called DNS to locate the websites you want to access.

Commonly your DNS is set by your Internet Service Provider, or by your server settings. Some common public DNS Servers are Google and Open DNS. When we’re configuring DNS for our customer’s networks, Google would be our ‘go-to’ choice for reliability and speed… until now.

Last week, whilst attending the Malvern Innovation Festival, getting myself educated on the latest trends and solutions in Cyber Security, I was pointed in the direction of Quad 9. Quad 9 provides a free DNS service, just like Google does, but with an extra layer of checks and filtering to help reduce the chances of you accidentally visiting a rogue or dodgy website.

We immediately implemented it within our own networks at Lucid Towers, and we have no problems to report – it just works and gives us some added protection from the bad guys. And it’s free. Not bad, eh?

It’s really easy to put in place, any decent IT Services provider will have you switched over in just a few minutes, and you use it for your home network and mobile devices as well if you wish.

Feel free to check out Quad 9 here, for those of you ‘in the know’, simply try switching your DNS over to and see how you get on.

Secure and free. A must for any business really. No excuses.

Gavin Moorhouse is the owner of Lucid Computer Solutions, an IT Services and Cyber Security business based in Worcestershire, his DNS number is 01527.908646

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