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“Using VOIP shouldn’t be this complicated, should it?”

VOIP Phones, or ‘Internet phones’ as many people will refer to them, are awesome. Here at Lucid Towers, we’ve been using VOIP phones for as long as I can remember (and sometimes I can’t remember yesterday). I love the low cost, the flexibility to work from anywhere and being able to fully control our extensions and hunt groups. There is no other way for us.

What we’ve seen more and more though, are VOIP providers who, in our opinion are over complicating things. Things really shouldn’t be hard with VOIP. That’s the basic point of it.

Our current VOIP provider (who I’m not going to mention, as I don’t want this to appear as an advert or sponsor), is great. We just plug in our phones, and they just work. We’ve never had to mess around with our firewall to get them to work, and we don’t require any kind of special Internet filtering or trunks. It just works. And works really well.

It seems that every other VOIP provider out there, requires (and strap yourselves in, I’m about to get a little geeky) port forwarding, filtering of traffic or dedicated hardware for things to run. It just blows my mind. I actually don’t understand why our VOIP just simply needs a basic Internet connection, and nothing else. No reconfiguration, no Masters Degree in Computer Science required. It just works. “Ah, but you only have a small team” – and you’d be right, we do, but we still often have all six of us on calls at the same time. And it still works just fine. No problems. No issues.

When we moved offices at the turn of the year, when it came to the phones, all we had to do was unplug them at the old office, take them to the new office, and plug them back in. Boom, calls were working straight away via a different Internet router, different Internet connection – all with no hassle or fuss.

I’m sure I must be missing a trick here, and feel free to educate me. I’m just pointing out some of our customer’s frustrations, and the fact that we have a provider where you can truly plug in the phone and off you go. Feels a little like others are being complicated, for the sake of being complicated.


Gavin Moorhouse is the owner of Lucid Computer Solutions. He is a big fan of KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Lucid Computer Solutions are a 5 star rated IT Support and IT Solutions business, based in Redditch, Worcestershire.

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