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How to use Sharepoint for sharing ideas

Up until a little while ago I always struggled to see exactly where SharePoint fits into a business as a service. For me there are better services and solutions for sharing files, and there are better solutions for sharing team calendars.

I’ve also known you can use it as an internal website for housing your internal content, but never really seen anyone making use of it to it’s full extent. This might be because of the markets and sectors we work I suppose, but I still would have thought it would be more popular that what we’ve seen.

However that’s now changed. We’ve found a use for it ourselves – and as ever when you stumble across a solution which benefits your business, you ask yourself – why have we never done this before?

What prompted my exploration into SharePoint was having several new team members at Lucid Towers in quick succession, which in itself brings it’s own challenges. Traditionally we’ve trained our team using straight forward documents and spreadsheets, whilst demonstrating how to use our own internal services.

However that’s now changed for us. We’ve shifted not only our internal training documentation to a SharePoint site, we’ve enhanced it and also put in further pages for all sorts of things to do with our business.

This is great not only for new members of the team, but also for existing staff to use to refer to for a ‘refresher’ in anything from the use of our  help desk to the procedures we in place for purchasing from our suppliers.

With it nicely centralised in one location, where everyone can easily get to it, it has made us that little more efficient in what we do. Small gains every day is what it’s all about, and this move is definitely one of them.

SharePoint has its quirks. The page editor gets emotional from time to time with you potentially losing your changes, but I soon cottoned onto that and started dumping every to a Google Doc as I went before saving the page (in the hope it would actually save).

Overall we’re happy with it, and it’s something we’ll continue to develop… until something better comes along of course! Out of interest, what do you deem to be a smarter solution? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

Ping your suggestions across to and we’ll review each and everyone!


This article was written by Gavin Moorhouse, owner of Lucid Computer Solutions. He believes sharing is caring.


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