Getting plenty rest is a top priority for me. These days I’m a big fan of an early night, and an early start. I need my rest to bring my A game each and every day, whether I’m working or not. As a recent(ish) new parent, getting my beauty sleep has become a little bit of a challenge, given we went through the usual ‘newborn’ stage and now we’re going through the ‘teething’ stage, which means a somewhat reduced volume of sleep for us.

This is nothing new for any parent, I’m certain of that, I’m more wondering what people do out there to ensure they perform to their best, even when they’ve had a lack of sleep (for whatever reason)?

Monday mornings I like to be raring to go, a new week, renewed energy and new challenges – all the good fun stuff which comes my way as a business owner…but due to a disturbed night’s sleep, it means I’m feeling sluggish – which simply isn’t the start to a week that I wanted.

So what can I do to overcomes this? Here are some things I’ve experimented with.

Drinking plenty of water: I think that’s a must every day, and something I’m trying to hard to do. Water is energy, it’s as simple as that.

A big Coffee! I love my morning Coffee, every day, but when I’m feeling sluggish, it’s all too easy to plough through them all day. However I end up feeling worse towards the end of the day, so this isn’t a solution I’d promote. Same goes for energy drinks, they’re simply a last resort for me.

Eating plenty of fruit: This is something I try and do every day anyway, but on those tiring days I find a good fill of fresh fruit can certainly give you a short term boost for an hour or two. Downside here is, to much fruit can damage your teeth (I know as I’ve had a tooth covered in ‘Poly Filler’ due to enamel falling away), so make sure you rinse with water afterwards.

Delegating tasks: When it comes to work, or even jobs at home, when you’re simply not feeling it – see what you can delegate out. This way those tasks still get done, hopefully to the same standard if you’ve got the right people around you.

Calling it quits: There is nothing wrong with bringing an early end to your day if it’s just one of them days. Now I realise this might not be possible for everyone, but as a business owner one of perks can be to simply call it quits for a day.  This allows me to take a step back, go away and get that rest I need and come back fighting stronger. It’s rare I do this, but if you’re able to, do it. It also allows you to see what breaks in your business without you there – and that way you have an opportunity to improve.

Bath and an early night: When you feeling tired / flat / exhausted – you have to recharge. Whilst some of the above might help you get through your day, it won’t provide you with a long term fix. Ensure you try and relax, take it easy and get an early night to make up for your lack of sleep. Run that bath, put that meditation music on and in my case pray the bambino does sleep through the night!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips on any of this, feel free to comment or contact me on blog@

This article was written by Gavin Moorhouse, owner of Lucid Computer Solutions Ltd, a Worcestershire based IT Support business. They like to sleep. A lot.



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