Quite simply, because it’s much, much quicker than Windows. I can get more shit done, in less time, without the wait for updates, the ‘sluggishness’ when waking from sleep mode or the interruptions Windows gives me.

I know I’ve previously (quite recently) written about not being able to switch to a Chromebook only for my business, which this kinda goes back on, but I have my reasons and there are of course still limitations.

So what prompted me to switch my main business computer over to Neverwares CloudReady Chromium OS? Well, it was born from frustration. Even the tech geeks of this world suffer the same frustrations everyday users suffer from time to time. Mine was the slow load time of multiple websites which I rely on to run my business.

I started off thinking it was my hardware (a modest i5 Processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD) but it simply wasn’t, as I had the same issues on lower-spec and higher-spec devices – all running Windows I must add.

I got really ‘geeky’ with it, as I often do, and sorted the facts and figures behind my frustrations to make sure it just wasn’t in my head… and my research and testing simply proved it was Windows causing the speed issues for me. I had any Windows-based device taking 5-8 seconds to fully load the number one website I use all day, whereas I had it loading less than 2 seconds, every time using Chromium. Over the course of a day, using multiple websites, that soon adds up, believe me.

Now before all the haters jump on board with “you work in tech, can’t you sort it?” – yes, I could. But I don’t have the time. I’m busy running a business and seeing to our own customer’s systems before I even think about my own.

As some of you may have read, I’m a fan of Chromebooks, using a trusty £90 device to produce this article on, and it’s super. I wasn’t in the mood to buy yet more hardware, and I want my main Windows laptop, to remain just that, for support purposes. So I grabbed a download from NeverWare, in the form of Chromium OS (which is basically a very, very similar OS to what you get on a Chromebook) and to begin with, whacked it on an old desktop computer I had at the office. 

The performance results were remarkable. I had old hardware responding so fast, loading my core business websites so much quicker than any of Windows devices – it truly blew my mind. I was hooked. I was sold. Sign me up.

Alongside the simply amazing performance and responsiveness, there was none of the constant ‘nagging’ from Windows, none of the sluggishness when returning from lunch (I mean the computer, not me) – it just worked, and worked really well.

And here I am, a few weeks later, still using it, still loving it.

As I always do, to play devil’s advocate (where did that saying coming from?), what can’t I do on it or what do I find frustrating?

  • I can’t use my Dymo label writer on it
  • I can’t open encrypted Microsoft Office documents, as I use the web apps which don’t support this
  • I can’t use our remote support software on it, as it’s simply not supported

That’s it. Basically, I just grab my trusty ThinkPad for the above, which to be honest, given I’m doing less and less technical work (I have an awesome team to see to this) it’s not a huge deal for me. I’m happy firing up the ThinkPad as and when I need to.

So there we are, I’m now using both a Chromebook and Chromium OS… don’t worry though Windows, I’m not done with you…yet.

Gavin Moorhouse is the owner of Lucid Computer Solutions Ltd, a soon to be Chrome-based cloud services business in Worcestershire.

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