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2nd December 2019
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The importance of regularly applying Windows Updates

I know. I can feel through the force you’re already rolling your eyes about the prospect of Windows Updates being applied.

We’ve all been there, getting into the office, all focused and ready to rock for the day ahead, coffee in hand. You fire up your computer, and are greeted with “Please wait… applying Windows Updates”… several cups of coffee later, you can actually do some work. It’s a pain. I know. I get it.

The thing is, Windows Updates are really, really important to your overall computer and Cyber Security. Microsoft release on a regular basis fixes and patches for things they’ve been altered too, which might pose a security threat to your computer. By not applying Windows Updates, you’re leaving yourself exposed to potential threats.

Ideally, you will be applying Windows Updates on a weekly basis – so that you’re always, almost fully up-to-date at any given time.

I appreciate the above scenario where you have to wait for Windows Updates to finish applying before you can use your computer, but if you carefully plan and automate this task at a time when your computer (or server) isn’t in use, then it needn’t get in the way of your day-to-day use of your computer. For example, you may set aside for every Wednesday at 1800 for your Windows Updates to be installed on your computer, along with an automatic restart, so that when you want to use your computer the next morning, it’s good to go.

I can’t stress enough how regular ‘patching’ of your computer is good for your computer and good for your business. It shows you’re conscious of the potential issues if you don’t, and it’s a tick along the path to overall Cyber Security measures.

It’s simple to put in place, easy to schedule at a time to suit you and your business and with the right tools, you can have the status of all the computers in your business reporting back to one central area so that any potential issues can easily be highlighted and addressed before it’s a problem.

If you do nothing else today, just check for Windows Updates on your computer, and see how up-to-date (or behind) your computer is. Get them applied. Stay safe. Help us all fight Cybercrime.


Gavin Moorhouse is the owner of Lucid Computer Solutions Ltd, a Cyber Essentials accredited IT Support and IT Services provider based in Redditch, Worcestershire.


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