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21st October 2019
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Using Microsoft Azure to backup files and protect your business

The first question could well be, having read the title, what is Microsoft Azure? Microsoft Azure in its simplest form is the range of services which Microsoft offer, which is delivered to you over the Internet (from the elusive ‘Cloud’). 

Microsoft Azure in itself, covers a huge range of products and services, from virtual servers to private networks within the cloud. For the purpose of this article though, I’m purely looking at one small offering, which is hugely beneficial to businesses.

One really clever, easy and cheap solution that is part of Microsoft Azure, is the backup service. This allows businesses to automatically backup their important documents and files to Azure, meaning that should anything happen to their computer, server or file sharing device, you can always pull it back down from Microsoft Azure. This would mean a failure would be an issue, but not the end of the world. 

This solution would also protect your important files from things like Ransomware and Crypto Lockers, which the bad guys use to lock you out of your files and pay to get them back again. Should that ever happen to you, you could just retrieve your files from Azure prior to the problem. Job done.

As the Azure is provided by Microsoft, it also means the solution is secure (I can hear the Linux and Mac fan club scoffing right now) and complies with security advice and laws.

Whilst this is a paid-for service, in the grand scheme of things, to have your files securely stored ‘offsite’ will pay dividends when you need to call upon it. Most businesses can cope with disruption, what they can’t cope with is losing everything.

Overall, even if you don’t want to make use of Azure, you should know what you’re doing for your backup, and have peace of mind knowing that should something bad happen, you do have a plan and know what you have in place to recover. You don’t need to know the technical aspects of it, but you should understand what you’re backing up and how.

Unfortunately, many businesses only give serious thought to back up after a major problem has surfaced. Like car insurance, you should have it in place before you step into the car, so anything bad does happen, you know you’re covered.

Gavin Moorhouse is the owner of Lucid Computer Solutions Ltd, a Microsoft Partner, and Reseller. He has a backup in the form of his team at Lucid Towers, Redditch Worcestershire.

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