IT Support in Birmingham

In need of IT Support in Birmingham?

Lucid Computer Solutions ease your frustrations, and help you work smarter

We know what it's like when you have frustrations with your IT and computer systems. It stops you doing, what needs to be done. You're busy and simply don't need IT problems holding you back. That's where we can help...we'll take care of the IT, you take care of your business.

What can we do to help your business?

  • When you want to talk to us, our team are right here ready to take your call
  • You'll become more productive, with reliable IT systems
  • You'll have peace of mind that your business is secure and protected
  • You can scale your services and solutions with us, as you grow
  • Need something out of the ordinary? No problem, we tailor all our services
  • We'll be part of your team, without you having to employ an IT support team
  • When you need onsite IT support, we're located a few miles outside of Birmingham

What kind of work have we done in Birmingham?

"We have a number of customers in Birmingham. One example is a rapidly growing business, that we provide with file sharing using the cloud (so no need for a server), they use our hosted email services and our Office 365 licensing so that they can use Microsoft Office applications across their devices. All these solutions are flexible. As they have grown, we've just increased the relevant service or license. As they are based in the heart of Birmingham we can go and see them on the train, but they rarely need us in person."

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