Protect your business with backup

Get your backup in place, before you wish you had...

Keep your business safe, with the right backup solution

At some point the brown stuff will hit the fan. The good news is, if you're prepared to plan for that, the fall out doesn't need to be nuclear.

With the right computer backups to suit your business, it should be simple and easy to get you up and running again.

It doesn't matter if you have your own server, have a cloud based system or simply run a few computers - you need some kind of backup. Fact.

Typical problems which result in a backup system saving the day...

Computer Hardware failure

You don't expect your car to run forever. Don't expect anything different from computer hardware. It will fail eventually, it's simply made of electronic components and mechanical devices. When you do suffer a server, computer or laptop failure, whilst this may cause a short term problem, it shouldn't cause a long term business problem. Your backup system should be able to get you back up and running with minimal fuss.

Computer viruses and malware

This threat has become more and more common. There is always someone who downloads that dodgy file, opens that fake email attachment or clicks on that fake website link. The result of this can be your company data becoming encrypted and therefore inaccessible. With the right solution in place though, this should be a case of rolling back to before the problem. No fuss, no drama, no major business disruption.

Natural disasters

We've been to flooded offices, and seen the clean up operation in progress. Thankfully when it comes to the computer side of things and company data, it can all be backed up automatically offsite every day. Whilst it might be an issue sourcing new carpets and furniture, within a few hours we can have all of your data restored to a loan computer (because we're nice like that).


Whilst we're all getting fancier alarms, CCTV and motion detectors - there is always someone looking to ruin your day and steal from you. Whilst this causes many problems, one thing that shouldn't be a problem is getting your company data back and accessible in no time. Again this is all thanks to automatic offsite backups which protects your business from such events.

"Oh no...I've just deleted the accounts folder..."

It's OK. We get it. Accidents happen. It's Monday morning and you're yet to have your morning Coffee (aka rocket fuel) and have accidentally deleted that critical folder. This should never be a major problem. With all of our backup solutions we can get it restored, normally in just a few minutes. Away you go again and your boss in none the wiser, and we're deemed to be super heroes. Good times.

"So I need something in place, what's my options?"

Automatic offsite backup of your files, peace of mind from £25 per month

This simple cloud solution is highly efficient, automatically safeguarding your files, protecting them against hardware failure or theft. We can backup files stored on servers or computers. Should anyone be having a bad day and accidentally delete a file, we can easily get it restored for you.

Cloud backup of an entire server, from £50 per month for unlimited data storage

If you're running a server (onsite or cloud based) we can backup the entire server environment. This means should anything happen to your server, we can restore it in full, without the need to reinstall all of software applications and recreate all of your users again. This reduces restore time in the event of hardware failure. You get an added layer of protection for your cloud based server - if your service provider disappears, your server and data won't!

Onsite monitoring and backup of your server, from £25 per month

If you have your own onsite server and wanted to keep your backup onsite as well - that's perfectly fine. We can setup a full server backup to a rotation of backup drives, and automatically monitor the backup for you. This was, we're aware of any backup failures straight away, and can get them resolved. The last thing your business should have is a backup which isn't checked - you don't want to find out when something has gone wrong that the backup hasn't worked for months (which we've come across, it's not pleasant for anyone...).

Full Disaster Recovery testing, from £180 per test

We'd recommend you have a full test restore once a month, but the frequency is of course up to you. With a full restore, we take one of your full backups and perform a full restore to one of our test computers or servers. We can verify it works, test it in full and advise on the time taken from start to finish. This way you can plan for when something brings your system to a halt. You will know how much time it will take for a normal service to be resumed, and can plan your response to your customers accordingly during this time frame.

We know what you're thinking...

"It will never happen to me", "What are the chances?" and "It will be ok"...

The reality is, when something has gone wrong you'll be thinking "I wish I'd had a backup in place", "We really need a backup in the future", "I wish I knew about the potential failures".

Our advice (as you'd expect, but this really isn't a sales pitch - it's based on facts), is to have something in place to protect your business, and know what the plan is when that unexpected turn of events becomes a reality.

"You've given me an education, I need to talk with you..."