I’ve decided to write this article after a busy morning assisting some of our customers, who have been suffering with problems with their Internet connection all morning.

This affected just businesses using BT for their broadband services.

This could easily turn into a rant about the poor customer service you get from a huge organisation like BT, or about how they have the monopoly on most of the infrastructure used for broadband connections…but it won’t…

As a business which provides (amongst other things I hasten to add!) broadband services to businesses, we sometimes get overlooked as people think that BT are the only option, or because they can get “6 months broadband at half price”, that cheaper is better.

We’re here to tell you that isn’t the case.


How can a small business in Worcestershire, provide a better service that using BT directly for your broadband?

Well, here’s what we can do, that the likes of BT can’t:

  • You can call us direct if you have a problem, no foreign call centres, no call waiting
  • Our team are proper techies, who don’t follow a script – they know their onions
  • We can be onsite with you if required in next to no time
  • The infrastructure network we use (touch wood) has very little outages
  • We’re proud not to be cheap – we deliver great service, which costs more than a “2 for 1 deal”
  • We provide business grade broadband and fibre, perfect for remote workers and connecting sites

I know what you’re thinking – I would say all that wouldn’t I? Well there is talking the talk, and there is walking the walk. If we didn’t do what we I say we can do, I’d be setting myself up for a fall wouldn’t I? And no one likes to fall…

So if you’d like to discuss your broadband and fibre requirements with a local business, which will give you a reliable, superfast connection with great customer service, give us a tinkle.

To discuss you broadband requirements with us:

This article was written by Gavin Moorhouse, owner of Lucid Computer Solutions, based in Redditch, Worcestershire, they provide (amongst other things!) broadband services to local businesses.

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