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6th May 2016
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Lucid Computer Solutions are supreme at customer service

Our passion is for supreme customer service. We
provide speedy responses and long term solutions which are delivered
jargon free. Check out our feedback…


Lucid computer solutions customer feedback

All the work we carry out for your business is logged
and traceable via our help desk system. Here are just a few of our many
daily positive feedback comments:


Lucid Computer Solutions Customer Feedback
“As ever, very,
very satisfied”

Lucid Computer Solutions Business Feedback
“Jon persisted with
resolving the problem, it works a treat. Thanks Jon.”

Lucid Computer Solutions Worcestershire Feedback
“Excellent service.
Always helpful.”

Lucid Computer Solutions Warwickshire Feedback
“Fab service as
always :-)”

Lucid Computer Solutions Birmingham Feedback
“Quick efficient;
Anthony knows his stuff including mobile phones!”

Lucid Computer Solutions Midlands Feedback
“As always, Lucid’s
rapid response and a clear resolution of the problem leaves me
entirely satisfied.”


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Apple products for business

Should you use Apple to run your

There is a very quick and direct answer for this….

Apple over the past few years have been dominating
the technology market with their products. There aren’t many people on
this planet who have not heard of the iPhone. I’m a big Apple fan myself
but when it comes to business use, you should be using Windows and not
Mac OSX.

Mac’s are handy if your a graphic designer or film editor, but anything beyond that, Windows should be your choice of
operating system. There is also a lot of talk about the iPad. Apple
classes the iPad as the post PC era. Will there really become a day
where everyone is just using an iPad or tablet? No. People like to have
workstations where they can sit and type with a keyboard and have a
screen that is bigger than 9 inches. The argument maybe that one day
they will be so powerful you won’t need a PC, but in years to come PC’s
will also be more powerful.

You can’t run a business on an iPad or a Mac,
especially if you have a business and rely on Windows servers. Some 89%
of businesses are Windows based.

So how can Apple be good for your business?

The iPhone
This is possibly one of the greatest mobile devices of all
time. Over 68% of mobile users now own an iPhone and this is increasing
all the time. The iPhone is so successful because of its simplicity and
beauty. We at Lucid also use the iPhone because of its useful apps and
great email facility. Through our iPhone we can access our database and
helpdesk to keep us on track whilst we are on the move. This is
something that many people today take for granted.

The iPad

Think of this as your giant iPhone. It can do pretty much everything
that the iPhone can but has a bigger display and a faster processer.
It’s much better for typing out documents and reading your emails. This
is a great product to have if you do long journeys, as it has some 10
hours battery life, which beats most laptops today. You may have heard
that the new iPad has just been released, which means there will be
plenty of iPad 2’s on eBay, so grab yourself a bargain!

In summary…

Apple products are fantastic for home use and if you do plenty of design/editing
work, but they aren’t going to fully integrate with Windows based
business servers. There iOS devices however can be very useful and if
your contract is due for a renewal go for an iPhone.

Once you have an iPhone you will never go back…

This article was written by
@lucid_jon of
Computer Solutions


Apple products for business

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