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We've got your back when it comes to computer hardware

There is so much choice out there isn't there? What computer is right for me? Do I need server? Should I go for McDonalds or KFC?

We can source, supply and install a wide range of computer hardware such as computers, laptops, services and computer networking equipment.

As we're exposed to many different types of businesses, all with different requirements, we've become rather good at identifying the right kit to get your job done. As we're impartial, it's all about you. We're here to have a long term relationship with you, possibly marriage one day, hence we're not looking for a short term quick buck - we want to get it right, time and time again for you.

Alongside supply brand new computer hardware, we're also able to offer a wide range of superb refurbished computers and laptops - some of which is in near perfect condition. What's more, anything we supply as refurbished comes with at least twelve months warranty, which is same as you'd get on most new computers.

As the old saying (perhaps we've actually made the saying up just now!), don't supply anything you wouldn't be willing to use yourself! The proof is in the pudding. Unless it's Christmas pudding of course which should be taken off the menu for crimes against food.

Microsoft Windows Servers | Onsite applications and file sharing

You may have a requirement to run your own onsite servers for file sharing, database applications or for remote access by your team. You might simply prefer to have your own server that you can see, touch and hug. That's perfectly fine with us, and we're more than happy to help spec a server to meet your needs, supply it and provide ongoing support.

It's all about finding out what is right for your business to meet your requirements and budget. As we're able to provide both onsite and cloud based servers, as our focus is on customer service (not a quick sale) we're happy to advise you on both and take you on the journey with us.

Networking Equipment | Routers, Switches and Wifi

You've got super-duper computers, a fantastic server for to collaborate with your team, but there is still a bottleneck in the system...this could be down to what you're using to run for network.

Whether it's wireless, wired or your Internet router - we're able to help. By the way, if we can't help, we will say so, we don't do anything unless we're 100% committed to it.

We're able to update the backbone of your computer network so that you're getting the best possible speeds, based on your setup and requirements. This might mean us working with you to create a fantastic wireless network around your building or simply replacing your Internet router to get the best possible access speeds to the Internet.

Whatever your networking requirement, give us a call, have a chat - if nothing else, you'll make us happy as we got to talk ;-)

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