Rapid Server Recovery

We protect your business from Server failure!

We'll get your business working in hours...not days...really...

What will your business do when your server decides to call it a day?

All computer hardware packs up eventually, with some servers lasting longer than others. How prepared is your business for the unexpected happening to your server? Can your business survive without the files, email services and applications which the server provides?

If you had to replace your server, you might have to wait for a new server to be delivered, then the Windows Server software has to be reinstalled, all the user configuration restored, all the files retrieved and then any applications (e.g Database programs, Sage products, etc) reinstalled. All in all, this could be quite a few days.

How much would it cost your business to have all of your staff unable to perform their usual tasks whilst a replacement server is sourced and reinstalled?

What benefits does our Rapid Server Recovery service give your business?

  • We can get your business up and running in hours, not days
  • We provide you with a loan server, to minmise disruption to your business
  • We save you money by significantly reducing the amount of time your staff are unable to work
  • We monitor and regularly test your recovery, so we're fully prepared for the unexpected

Who should be using Lucid Rapid Server Recovery services?

  • Businesses in the Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Birmingham areas
  • Businesses which use Windows Servers to operate their business
  • Businesses who would like peace of mind that they have a plan, when the unexpected happens

We know what you might be thinking "it won't happen to us", and you're right, it might not. But wouldn't it be nice to be prepared, should something unexpected happen to your server?

If you would like to discuss our Rapid Server Recovery Services further, give us a call on 01527 908646 or fill out our email contact form.

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