Backup & Protection

Business protection with Lucid Cloud Backup and Online Storage

Lucid Cloud Backup | Automatic protecting your business from the unexpected

Without a backup most businesses wouldn't survive if they suffered computer failure, theft or a natural disaster. Have you ever asked the question "What happens to our business if our documents and files weren't available?".

Lucid Cloud Backup is an online backup solution, which securely and automatically backs up your documents and files to a secure data centre. Your files are backed up over the Internet, meaning they can be accessed and downloaded on any computer with an Internet connection. If your server or computer fails, you can access your files from any computer with an Internet connection.

How does Lucid Cloud Backup protect your business?

  • You have an automatic offsite backup of your data, protecting you against computer failure or theft
  • You can backup up an unlimited amount of data (unlike many other solutions)
  • Retrieve accidentally deleted files for up to thirty days
  • Retrieve previous versions of files for up to thirty days
  • The solution is fully managed, maintained and checked by us
  • Your files are stored in a state of the art secure Data Centre in London's Docklands, UK
  • Monthly rolling charging with no long term contracts

Lucid Online Storage | File sharing, regardless of location, using the Internet

Lucid Online Storage allows you to share files using the Internet. This means you can share files without the need for a server. You can share files regardless of your location, as long as you have an Internet connection. This means people spread across multiple offices or even different countries can share files using the secure and encrypted Lucid Online Storage system.

What are the benefits of using Lucid Online Storage?

  • Share files without the need for a server
  • Share files with people who are in different geographic locations
  • How do I protect by business from the unexpected?

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    4. A simple backup just might save you business...