IT Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy Service

We provide IT Consultancy to businesses in Redditch, Bromsgrove and surrounding Worcestershire areas.

Independent Review of Computer Systems

We are able to assess and review your existing computer systems. This could be used to assist your business in locating problems, reviewing your business IT processes and to ensure you are getting the most out of the IT and computer systems you have available to you. This service can also be used for checking any potential IT related purchase you are looking to make. This might be a new computer system or new computer hardware.

IT Security and Computer Health Checks

If you’re concerned about the security aspect of your computer and IT systems, we are able to provide you with a security health check. This comprises of checking your internal security, checking password policies, testing external firewalls and reviewing permissions and access to your data. Our health check service is used to check the over health of servers, computers and laptops. This service is aimed at spotting potential issues, before they cause your business a problem.

IT Systems Optimisation

A common complaint is in relation to speed and stability of computer and IT systems. We are able to optimise servers, computers and laptops to ensure they are running as good as they possibly can be. We can also check the setup of your networking equipment, such as network switches, firewalls and routers to review their current configuration and setup. If your computer systems and equipment are running as well as they can be, this will boost your business productivity.

Holiday Cover for IT Staff, Managers and Directors

We are able to work alongside your IT staff to provide help and support when they are on holiday or simply aren’t available. Prior to their absence we would attend your site to discuss and familiarise ourselves with your systems and setup. This would then allow us to provide adequate support in their absence. We would hand back over to them on their return, providing details of any work or changes that have been made.

We won’t turn up in red braces.