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Do you have poor Wifi coverage?

Improving Wifi. It's our thing.

If you're having problems with Wifi and wireless connection speeds, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Probably not, so give us a call (01527 908646) instead, and we'll get rid of your wireless ghouls (see what we did?).

Get the right products, with the right expertise

Between us we've tried and tested many, many different wireless products and solutions. We've developed our knowledge and honed our skills, giving you our expertise on tap! We'll be able to review your Wifi woes, develop a solution personalised to your situation and away we go.

What common Wifi/wireless problems do we resolve?

Some standard problems we regularly resolve for customers are poor/slow Wifi coverage, wireless dead spots and replacing unreliable or faulty wireless equipment. For businesses which require it, we're able to put in place monitoring of your wireless useage. We're also able to setup private guest wireless networks which are secured using voucher codes.

We also provide Business Broadband Services...

If you don't fancy using one of the 'big boys' for your Business Broadband, then we might be able to help you. We can install and supply both standard Broadband and Fibre Broadband. If you ever have a problem, you're able to call us direct. You won't go through a call centre, and you won't face a scripted response. Our team are proper techies, who really know their onions. Best part is, if you need us onsite, we can be there - that's the beauty of a local company!

What's the process for getting help from us?

  • Reach out to us on 01527 908646 or by filling in the form below
  • We'll discuss your problems and requirements
  • We may arrange to come to your business to survey the existing setup
  • We'll come up with a plan and quote you for the solution
  • Once approved, well arrange a date for the work to be carried out

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