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The Heartbleed Bug Explained
6th May 2016
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Super Fast Broadband

How to boost your Internet speed with an iPlate (An iWhat?!)

The iPlate is a filter for use on ADSL Broadband lines to improve the speed & stability of the connection. It’s suitable for business ADSL as well as home connections.

In some instances we’ve achieved improvements of up to 2Mb on clients’ lines. Some users on internet review sites are reporting increases of 60%.

The iPlate isn’t for everyone though. Although 7 out of 10 connections can benefit to some extent,
line speed improvements cannot be guaranteed in every case as the level of interference present on different ADSL lines can vary greatly.

Additionally the following instances indicate where the iPlate will have little or no effect:

  • Where there is already a Service Specific Front Plate installed, thus separating
    the broadband and telephone signals

  • Where the socket is a newly installed BT Openreach socket (with BT Openreach Logo)

  • Where the line is newly installed, without the bell ringer wire included

If any doubt, please ask us for advice and we’ll be happy to help. The usual contact number is the best way to get hold of us – 01527 908646.

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