Hosted Email & Office 365

Your business email and Microsoft Office options

We'll save you money, time and hassle with the right email solution...

We know what it's like...there's so many choices when it comes to email these days. Shall I have it hosted? Shall I use Office 365? I just want it to work!

I know - we get it! Thankfully we can offer you two simple and straight forward email solutions for your business.

"I just want email - I'm not interested in Microsoft Office 365..."

Perfect - you're our new best friend! We offer a simple and reliable hosted email solution, which will boost your productivity and save you time (it all adds up when you have to turn it off and turn it on again).

Hosted email services from Lucid Computer Solutions

From £5.95 per user, per month we can offer you a moohasive 125GB mailbox (you won't get that with Office 365) which is hosted here in the UK (keeps the legal eagles happy).

Should you require it we can offer you an advanced spam filter and historical archive of one year or a whopping ten years (all for a minor charge), which is perfect when Bob in accounts deletes that "critical" email.

We'll handle the whole setup process for you, and have you up and running in email paradise before you've finished that first cuppa of the day. Need to keep your existing emails? No problem - we'll migrate them all across for you.

What's more - if there's ever a problem, you simply give us a call directly at Lucid Towers - no call centres, no scripts - just us talking directly to you. You can ever come and visit us if you like? We advise you bring biscuits though...

This is the email product for you if:

  • You just want email services (not Office 365)
  • You like flexible monthly charging
  • You need advanced spam filtering or long term email archiving

"Your email services sound great, but I'm still tempted with Office 365"

That's no problem. If you're after a solution to cover both your email and your Microsoft Office licensing, then Office 365 is certainly an option. Using Office 365 for your email, you will get a smaller mailbox than with our hosted email solution, and for some support you may need to speak to Microsoft directly.

One important thing to note - if you're considering Office 365 so you can get Microsoft Office installed on your computer, we can supply a Microsoft Office license from £150 (one off charge).... which means it might make more sense to use our hosted email services and purchase your Microsoft Office license outright... you don't have to it that - but it's certainly an option.

If Office 365 is defiantly the route you want to go down, no problem, we can provide you with Microsoft Office and 365 email from £9.40 per user, per month.

In a nutshell (help, I'm stuck inside a nutshell...), we can offer you:

  • Hosted email from £5.95 per user, per month
  • Microsoft Office - yours to own for life, from £150 per computer
  • Microsoft Office 365 - Email and Office from £9.40 per user, per month

As the chap from blind date would say "the choice is yours" - we're here to help and guide you through the right solution for your business.

For more info, call us on 01527 908646 or fill in the contact form: