Computer Viruses & Malware

Computer viruses, gone in a jiffy (bag)

Slow computer? Strange pop up messages? Can't access your files?

One minute you're enjoying reading about the latest script rumors for the new Star Wars movie (no? just us then!), the next your computer is running slow and you have lots of strange messages appearing. You could well be suffering from a computer virus or malware problem. Call us at Lucid Towers (our Redditch, Worcestershire office) on 01527 908646 to discuss the possible vaccine.

Prevention is the best cure

Once we've cleaned your computer of its virus infection, we'll ensure you're protected to reduce the chances of possible future virus and malware problems. We can supply and install the latest and greatest Anti-Virus software to keep you working safely, so you can concentrate on locating the best possible funny cat videos.

If your computer is on a business network...

Shut your computer down. Now. No ifs, no buts. Just turn it off before you do anything. This way you're stopping any possible infection of other computers or servers on your company network. If your computer is turned off, then you've just reduced the potential damage a computer virus might cause. Next up, call for help. Apparently Lucid Computer Solutions in Redditch, Worcestershire are quite handy when it comes to this sort of thing (01527 908646).

Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Birmingham...give us a wave

Lucid Computer Solutions are able to cleanse, cure and prevent computer virus issues in the Worcesteshire, Warwickshire and Birmingham areas. Just give us a call at our Redditch office on 01527 908646 to see how we can help you overcome your virus or malware problems. No hassle, no fuss, just a job well done.

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