The Lucid Cloud

How can your business make use of The Cloud?

Before we begin, lets explain The Cloud...

When we refer to 'using the Cloud', it simply means a service which uses the Internet for delivery of that solution. It doesn't mean you constantly need an Internet connection, but the service works at its best when there is a connection to the Internet. "Where is the Cloud?" is a common question. It all depends on the service you're using, but in short, the Cloud will be a collection of servers accessible over the Internet which are used for the central point for the services. Some might say a little tricky to get your head round, but it's simple enough in practice.

Share files across locations without the need for a server

Using our Lucid Cloud platform, you can safely and securely share files between any number of people or computers, all in different locations. Your files can be accessed even if you don't have an Internet connection. You can also share files with external people to your business such as contractors or customers, using a web access facility. Using our Team Folders solution allows you to control access and limit access to certain folders as well. No server is required, and no remote access software is required either. Cushty!

What's the cost of our Cloud Services?

  • Our basic Cloud sharing solution starts from £25 per month, for 500GB of Storage
  • If you need to limit access to folders, our Team Folders starts from £99 per person, per year
  • Both services can be up and running in a matter of minutes

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