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6th May 2016
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Lucid Computer Solutions are supreme at customer service

Our passion is for supreme customer service. We
provide speedy responses and long term solutions which are delivered
jargon free. Check out our feedback…


Lucid computer solutions customer feedback

All the work we carry out for your business is logged
and traceable via our help desk system. Here are just a few of our many
daily positive feedback comments:


Lucid Computer Solutions Customer Feedback
“As ever, very,
very satisfied”

Lucid Computer Solutions Business Feedback
“Jon persisted with
resolving the problem, it works a treat. Thanks Jon.”

Lucid Computer Solutions Worcestershire Feedback
“Excellent service.
Always helpful.”

Lucid Computer Solutions Warwickshire Feedback
“Fab service as
always :-)”

Lucid Computer Solutions Birmingham Feedback
“Quick efficient;
Anthony knows his stuff including mobile phones!”

Lucid Computer Solutions Midlands Feedback
“As always, Lucid’s
rapid response and a clear resolution of the problem leaves me
entirely satisfied.”


Lucid Computer Solutions IT Support and Computer Services

IT Support and Computer Services
Support and Computer Services

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Lucid Computer Solutions News

30.06.10 | Windows 5,6,7,8!

Windows 7, the latest
operating system
, from the PC giant ‘Microsoft’ was released July
2009 to a much awaited planet, and was meant to be an answer to the
millions of complaints about its predecessor Windows Vista. After all
the problems with Vista – the main one being it was too buggy – hit
Microsoft hard, and they have tried to look for other ways to improve
their operating systems instead of focusing on how good they look (Vista
actually means looking good). With Windows 8, Microsoft are planning to
copy many of the major features that makes Apple so popular – such as
its App store and the way its OS can run on nearly any spec computer.
Many people think this could be the companies biggest mistake yet, but
only time will tell.


21.06.10 | Free music for all!

is a not-so well known company for its paid (or free if your lucky
enough to get an invite) streaming of music over the internet to a
program on your PC so you can listen to any music available for a small
monthly subscription. However, now that the business has expanded from
its invite-only free service to an openly free service – dubbed
Spotify Open – available from their
website (
and in return, the user only has to listen to a 20 second advert every
10 songs!


08.06.10 | Latest iPhone 4 already getting

After the iPhone 4’s
revealing on the 7th June, it has already hit a major milestone in its
market. The antenna for the mobile is situated in the bottom left hand
corner so that if a user of the handset is left handed, the signal is
reduced, sometimes dramatically. Apple’s response to this is ‘Simply use
one of many available cases’.


03.06.10 | The iPad – Just Another Gadget?

What do you make of the new Apple iPad? Sure, it
looks cool and funky, but is it actually any good? Will it replace the
PC? Or is it just a big iPhone? We’re not sure on this. We don’t like
the fact that you can’t play flash videos and we’re also not sure about
using it on the sofa. Either way, over the coming months I’m sure we
will see where it’s primary market is.



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